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Mother Daughter Scarves April 26, 2010

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Over these past few weeks I have frantically searched for inspiration for my Mum’s Mother’s Day gift

ONLY to find it waiting in my email inbox a few days ago!

Lindsay, from Hawthorne Threads (here), sends out a lovely little Newsletter

filled with inspiring projects and beautiful fabrics (of course you can sign up too!)

and in her last one she gave the instructions for a very easy scarf she made for her sister

from “The New Handmade” (here).

My Mum looks beautiful in this Lavender top she wore for R.’s birthday tea

and it happens to be my favorite color

and the Four Square print reminds me of all the Amish quilts we oohed and awed over on our recent trip

so I knew I HAD to use these fabrics to make our Mother Daughter scarves!

I purchased 2/3 of a yard of each of these Anna Maria Horner’s “Little Folks” cotton voile fabrics:

On the left ~ Four Square in Lilac (here)

On the right ~ Village Path in Lilac (here)

which is enough fabric to make TWO scarves!

The great thing about using this voile is that it is 54″ wide so you only need a 9 1/2 piece for each side.

Wash and press (with steam) the fabric well before cutting.

To cut, simply line up your fabric, right sides together, selvage to selvage,

and cut both of your fabrics into a 9 1/2″ long x width of fabric (cutting off your selvage) strip.

With right sides of fabric together and using lots of pins

pin your two fabrics together about 1/4″ from the edge

making sure to go in and out of the fabric a couple of times

AND making sure that the flower (pin head) is always facing AWAY from the needle of your sewing machine (towards YOU).

Pin really REALLY really well because this voile is buttery soft and extremely slippery!

I know it is a pain in the tush, but it is well worth your time!!!

If you have a walking foot for your sewing machine I highly recommend using it.

Lindsay’s instructions said to use a 1/2″ seam (I marked off 1/2″ from my machine’s needle by using painter’s tape).

Staring about 2″ from the bottom of one of the long sides (the one with the pin heads facing you)

begin sewing (don’t forget to back stitch!) and remove each of the pins as your needle approaches it

by stopping your machine with the needle still DOWN in the fabric and gently slide the pin towards you.

Continue until you get about 1 1/2″ from where you began and end by back stitching.

Clip each of the corners at a diagonal (not too close to the seam!)

Press (with steam) well to set the seam.

Using a chopstick (or other turning tool) turn the scarf right side out.

Again press very well with steam, making sure your opening is turned in and even with the seams.

Pin the opening closed and ladder stitch it shut (tutorial here).

One will get sent to my Mum and one will be kept for me

and each time I wear it I will think of our sweet trip we spent together =0)

Happy sewing,



pinwheel quilt top finished! April 17, 2010

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Remember the Quilting for Babes project posted here (fabric post here)?

Well, I spent just about the entire day Thursday working on it…

but I finished the entire quilt top!

This is the first time I’ve ever made a pinwheel block and I am thrilled to tell you how easy it was!

I followed along with this super fantastic in depth tutorial:

Old Red Barn Co. pinwheel quilt tutorial (post 1 is here) where she gives detailed instructions over three posts.

Here are some pics I took along the way:

I love how bright and cheery these colors are…they can’t help but make me feel happy!

It’s yucky and rainy here this morning ~

the perfect excuse to stay in and sew!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy quilting,



Valentine Hankies February 6, 2010

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In preparation for our March One Small Change we are trying to get things ready to use less paper in our house.  One of our biggest culprits around here is tissues.  I mentioned to Molly that I wanted to make some hankies and she suggested using flannel as it makes for really soft and very absorbent hankies.

R. and I looked through our bag of scrap flannel — left over from pillow cases we gave wrapped around a book and tied with a ribbon (we used it as our wrapping paper!) for my niece and nephews and a few friends from a previous Christmas.  Using these scraps we whipped up some really quick hankies and R. decided that she wanted to send a few as Valentine gifts to her best friends in California.

We cut the scrap flannel into 8″ squares (I cut 10″ squares for D.’s and mine) and then used a quick decorative stitch on my sewing machine around the edges to prevent unraveling.

R. was very excited to personalize her gifts by picking just the right fabrics for her friends.

We chose three girly prints for Samantha…

…and three boyish prints for Nate.

R. made a couple of little Valentine cards out of card stock and stamps and wrote a heartfelt message on the back of each.  We folded the hankies up and tied with scrap flannel and adorned with a couple of recycled paper flowers.  Sew easy!!

This completes gifts 3 and 4.  Now I just have to make it down to the post office to drop them in the mail…

Happy sewing,