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Oh What A Pair! December 6, 2010

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Oh what a lovely pair of quilting bee blocks (if I do say so myself, ha ha)!

This is an improvisational (right angle ~ she did not want wonky) blockfor Jenninfer ~ Not Your Grandmas Quilting Bee ~

made using this terrific tutorial over HERE at The Sometimes Crafter.

Once I made up one I was easily able to create my own improvised block…

but wish I would not have run out of the Kona white fabric

so I could have added a horizontal strip of white to the top of the block.

Its funny that I sort of dread (and procrastinate) sitting down to work on bee blocks

but once I actually start, I have a jolly good time sewing them up.

You would think I would have learned to look forward to it after all of these months, right???

I just received some lovely Hope Valley DS fabrics for some dresden blocks to make for the NYGQB December blocks ~

I am so looking forward to tackling those little cuties for Valerie 😀

Happy quilting,





Mum’s Quilt December 1, 2010

Good news:  I finished my Mum’s quilt in time for her to bring it home with her during our Thanksgiving visit.

Bad News:  It was really over cast, windy, and cloudy every day except our last day and we were to busy rushing around to give the quilt a proper photograph…large sigh.

Nonetheless, I did manage to take a couple of quick shots as it went into her suitcase.

In spite of bursting into tears after attempting to straight line quilt the first few rows

I remained calm and carried on 😀

and it turned out beautifully (after I got the hang of dealing with the bulk of this 70″ x 70″ quilt).

One of the greatest things about NOT prewashing your fabrics

is that they shrink and pucker around your quilting

hiding all of those little imperfections!

But best of all…she TOTALLY loved it!!!

“I never imagined it would be this beautiful!”

I just love giving something so special to someone who truly loves and appreciates all of

the time, money, effort, and love that goes into making a quilt.

I can’t wait to start on my Nephew’s quilt next.

Happy quilting,



Fabric Love! November 23, 2010

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Look what came in the mail yesterday!!!

Amy Butler’s new line “Soul Blossoms” in the Joy palette.

I am seriously in LOVE with these beautiful and very saturated brights!

I have always wanted a double wedding ring quilt.

I think there is something beautiful in the tradition of receiving one as a wedding gift.

This January, D and I will be celebrating 11 years of wedded bliss

ha ha, mostly anyways ;D

and so I thought I would make us up a lovely double wedding ring quilt (since we never got one)

out of these lovely fabrics for an Anniversary gift for us.

These two bright blues, Queen Street by Jennifer Paganelli, also arrived yesterday.

I just love them along with the Kona Ash.

I plan on making up a sweet little quilt for my new Nephew Mason after Thanksgiving.

I absolutely adore all of Jennifer Paganelli’s fabrics!

Her colors are intense and her floral and paisley prints are beautiful.

I am thinking they would be really fantastic mixed in with the Soul Blossoms for my quilt???

Off to admire my new pretties 😀

Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Happy quilting,


Its only the beginning! November 22, 2010

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R. found a Christmas Music only radio station and has been playing it for days!

We’ve been reading lots of Christmas picture books together.

It already feels like Christmas around here…but its only the beginning!

My friend Gayle and I took a Christmas tree paper-piecing class together on Friday…

and I am going to send it to my Scrappy Mug Rug Partner along with this one:

Sorry for the dark photos but it is overcast and rainy here, ugh.

My friend Gayle has a super fancy sewing machine that does embroidery

and she was sweet enough to embroider “Baby, it’s cold outside!” for me on some linen.

I drew up a mug, very like my most favorite one from the UK, and raw-edge appliqued it to the linen.

I put in an insulated batting layer to keep her mug nice and toasty and free motion quilted it.

This was my first time stippling and it is OK, but I am thinking I need to stipple an entire quilt to really get the hang of it.

BTW, I am still straight line quilting my Mum’s quilt (HERE) and should be finished this afternoon.

Oh, and I have FINALLY got the hang of it ;D There really is no better practice than actually quilting on a real quilt!

And for the back I wanted to do something really special

so I pieced some hexies (another first, and wow, this was so much work!)

and lightly quilted them by stitching (mostly) in the ditch.

I really hope I got her style right and that she loves the fabrics I chose for her.

I’ll definitely be making several more of the trees as potholders to give as gifts to my family.

I better get my tush in gear if I have any hope of making Christmas gifts for this year!

Happy quilting,


Still Quilting… November 13, 2010

I feel as though I have been quilting my Mum’s quilt (original post HERE) for forever…

and ever…

and I really am not getting very far!

I’ve been doing straight lines (in groups of 3 every 3 inches on the diagonal of this 70″x70″ quilt)

for a couple of hours a day, every day this week, and I am only now finishing up the first direction.

This has been another “What in the bleep was I thinking???” project.

I came across this lovely quilt at Little Island Quilting HERE and thought my quilt would look beautiful quilted like hers.

I thought to myself, “Self, how hard can it be to sew straight lines?”

(I even followed her lead by not drawing lines or using tape, ha ha, the joke is on me!)

Well here’s my answer…

its pretty darn hard when you have 70 inches of quilt pulling in every which way

and trying to fit under the arm of my sewing machine!

On the upside, my lines are getting much better and my stitches are becoming much more even 😀

By the end of this quilt, I should think I will be an expert in straight line quilting, ha ha.

I am seriously hoping to finish the other diagonal next week,

so that I’ll have time to get the binding on it before Thanksgiving.

My Mum is making that super long flight from the West Coast to the East Coast

and I sincerely hope she will have a new quilt to drag back home with her!

This is the first quilt I’ve ever made for her and I know she will love it (wonky lines and all!) because she’s good like that.

Happy quilting,





Willow Cushion Top November 4, 2010

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3 cups of tea and 1 aching back (and 2 aching knees) later…

but all of my teeny tiny “Willow” pieces are FINALLY fused to my linen cushion top!

Don’t Look Now! “Willow” pattern can be found HERE

My friend Gayle and I have been working on these together every Friday for the past few weeks

with homeowrk assignments to be completed by the following Friday.

You can check out her cushion top HERE.

This is quite an ambitious project for two gals who have never done applique before…

not sure what we were thinking???

But we’ve managed to muddle through with only a few mistakes ;D

We still have to sew down all of those little pieces with our sewing machines

then quilt the top

and turn it into a pillow…

I know so much more to do!

But I will happily take my time on the next few steps

and look forward to having a finished “Willow” cushion by Thanksgiving(ish)…

maybe I am being a bit overzealous with that date considering I have several other projects with deadlines, ha ha.

In good time, right?

PS ~ sorry for the lousy lighting on my photo, but it is raining here as it does every Thursday!  These Kaffe Fasset and Martha Negley fabrics on my top have the most beautiful bright colors 😀

Happy sewing,



Oh La La! October 26, 2010

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Oh La La ~ I am so loving the French General Fabrics in red, white, and linen!

Ohio Star block one …

and block 2 made for Jaleh — Not Your Grandma’s Quilting Bee.

I am totally inspired to make a mini holiday quilt like this one HERE

from the Lumiere de Noel holiday fabric line from French General

and maybe even a Christmas throw quilt to match!

Sigh…so many lovely fabrics

yet “sew” little time to use them all ;D

Happy sewing,