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Mine Mine Mine!!! December 9, 2010

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So the postmistress comes to my door a few minutes ago with this enormous package

with “Surprise” and “PTS4” (Pillow Talk Swap 4) and I totally start FREAKING OUT

because I know exactly what is inside of the box!!!

After I screamed

R. screamed, “I knew it was for YOU!”

I can hardly believe that I am the recipient of this SPECTACULAR Echino (serious love there) and linen pillow

from none other than my dear friend Gayle (pillow blogged HERE)!!!

When my daughter R. saw this pillow on her blog she said, “Wouldn’t you love to have that pillow Mum?  What if it is for you?”

I told her that I knew who it was for (because Gayle had told me who her PTS4 partner was)

but that I would definitely make myself one just like it to match my Echino quilt I made earlier this year…

ha ha Gayle, you totally fooled me ;D

Doesn’t it look just lovely and match perfectly with my Echino quilt???

I love how she used a couple of the prints from my quilt and then introduced a few other coordinating prints too.

I especially LOVE the turquoise panther…

and the design…

and the quilting…

and all of those lovely french knots!!!

I promise Gayle this is one pillow that will be treasure and LOVED 😀

PS – this is my LUCKY week because I also won a $20 gift certificate to

(link on side bar) ~ thanks!

Happy holiday crafting,




3 Responses to “Mine Mine Mine!!!”

  1. gaylebrindley Says:

    Yay!! It looks wonderful with your New England quilt!

  2. Molly Says:

    Oh, you are one lucky girl! It’s so you and so beautifully made. What a great surprise!

  3. Nic Jones Says:

    Your handmade pillow looks great! I love handmade products, a lot of people are looking for gifts like this especially the holiday season. You can visit my site and go list your handmade products 🙂

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