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Willow Cushion Top November 4, 2010

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3 cups of tea and 1 aching back (and 2 aching knees) later…

but all of my teeny tiny “Willow” pieces are FINALLY fused to my linen cushion top!

Don’t Look Now! “Willow” pattern can be found HERE

My friend Gayle and I have been working on these together every Friday for the past few weeks

with homeowrk assignments to be completed by the following Friday.

You can check out her cushion top HERE.

This is quite an ambitious project for two gals who have never done applique before…

not sure what we were thinking???

But we’ve managed to muddle through with only a few mistakes ;D

We still have to sew down all of those little pieces with our sewing machines

then quilt the top

and turn it into a pillow…

I know so much more to do!

But I will happily take my time on the next few steps

and look forward to having a finished “Willow” cushion by Thanksgiving(ish)…

maybe I am being a bit overzealous with that date considering I have several other projects with deadlines, ha ha.

In good time, right?

PS ~ sorry for the lousy lighting on my photo, but it is raining here as it does every Thursday!  These Kaffe Fasset and Martha Negley fabrics on my top have the most beautiful bright colors 😀

Happy sewing,



4 Responses to “Willow Cushion Top”

  1. gaylebrindley Says:

    Your “Willow” is beautiful!! Congratulations, and I will see you tomorrow!

  2. Molly Says:


  3. Jess Says:

    Beautiful….Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  4. Dar Says:

    Is there any end to your talent? Nice job!

    Love- MOM

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