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UHG Swap Received! August 28, 2010

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Yesterday, I got the BEST package EVER in the mail from Amy (makeaface) for the Urban Home Goods Swap round 2!

Are you freakin’ kidding me??? I have to be the luckiest UHG’r!

Look at this amazing sewing machine cover Amy made for me!

It matches absolutely perfectly in my sewing loft, has the prettiest fabrics, and it says “mama loves”!



And if that wasn’t enough she also made me a BEAUTIFUL sewing caddy out of my all time favorite Heather Ross FFA2 fabric!  Perfect for holding my sewing patterns and tools.

And I also got the cutest Jane Market Bag ~ eek I can’t wait to bring it to the farmer’s market!

And to top it all off the sweetest red and aqua table runner!!!  Seriously perfect and can’t find a flaw Amy ;p

Really wish I had better lighting in my dining room…sorry for the poor picture quality on this next one.

We all admired it over dinner last night…such a lovely combination of fabrics and the quilting is so pretty.

Thank you thank you thank you Amy!!!

And…I’m signed up for another two swaps ~ oh ya!

Happy Sunday,



The Fine Print

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Picked up my super cute Kate Spade glasses yesterday.

I heart them…they remind me of the Echino glasses fabric!

I also heart homemade chocolate ring ding cake…

and so does my girl!!!

We had such a lovely evening having dinner with Daddy…

but R.’s first “photo shoot” was awfully fun too ~

ha ha, she actually posed me for this picture!

And the icing on the cake…I can actually read the fine print in the magazine!

I have to say that glasses ROCK!

Happy reading,



Its the little things… August 27, 2010

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Forget diamonds or fancy cars…its the little things in life that make me happy :p

I’m pretty sure I did several backflips across my dining room floor

when I opened up my package from Tasha (one of my favorite blogs HERE)!

She sells the sweetest, cutest, most AMAZING fabrics, kits, and stationary in her shop

A Litttle Sweetness (Etsy Shop HERE)!

My secret partner also LOVES her fabrics and I really wanted to make her something with them

and when I contacted Tasha to see if she could make up a charm pack for me for the swap…

she said she would love to and made up two so I could have one too!

Thanks so much Tasha ~ all of the fabrics are PERFECT!!!

Now to get working on that BIG project for the Urban Home Goods Swap…

Happy sewing,



UGH Swap Peek August 26, 2010

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Dear Urban Home Goods Swap Partner,

First I spent many hours deep in thought on which of your projects to make for you.

Then I had fun ordering fabrics and hardware from my favorite on-line shops.

And then I spent FOREVER waiting for the stuff to come snail mail to me,

all the while drooling over all of the FANTASTIC goodies on our flickr! group

and fretting over running out of time while I wait for the mail ;0)

Still waiting on a few things, but I was FINALLY able to get started this week!

I’ve been a busy little bee working on a couple of your projects…

Echino and Kokka Heather Ross… need I say more?

And I took a REALLY big breath and cut into my Nani Iro fabric for you!

Crossing my fingers this pattern turns out!

It looks like I won’t be able to start on your BIG present until next week (darn slow mail!)

but I will try my hardest to get it done in time!

Happy sewing,



GO! August 25, 2010

Krista asked us to make her some improvised blocks (12.5″) for the Not Your Grandma’s Quilting Bee (August)

with THIS quilt as her inspiration.

She sent several strips of linen in neutral colors to all of us

and then a few different scraps of Anna Maria Horner “Good Folks” and some Kaffe Fassett “Shot Cottons” as well.

Here is what I came up with =0)

Block 1

Block 2

This was my first time completely improvising a block without any pattern or instructions…

not bad for a first try???

Block 2 is much more pieced because I had only scraps left to use, but I think I actually prefer it to block 1.

At any rate, I hope she likes them both and I look forward to see her finished quilt!

PS- just have to share this FABULOUS giveaway from Heather over at a la mode fabric HERE

can’t believe she is giving away an AccuQuilt Go! Cutter along with three dies ~ EEEEK!

I have been saving and saving and saving up to buy one of these, but my savings always dwindles???

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the lucky winner!!

We’ll if it isn’t me I certainly hope its you ;0)

Happy sewing,



Super Rad Rugged Field Bag August 23, 2010

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My Nephew’s 4th birthday was last month

and I finally got around to putting his gift together!!!

Is that so terrible???

In all fairness, I was waiting until I came across the perfect project…

and I have to say I think I’m spot on with this one!

My “Bestie” Molly sent me THIS link for an easy tutorial for a kids recycled field bag

which is what I used to make my upcycled “Super Rad Rugged Field Bag”.

My sweet friend Stephanie ~Mother to two growing boys~

generously gave me TWO pairs of cargo pants they had outgrown for this project!

I used a boys size 7 which made the perfect sized bag for a little one.

Really can’t imagine using anything smaller and might even try a size or two larger next time???

The seams of the cargos were quite bulky…

I broke my regular needle on my sewing machine and ended up switching to a “jeans” needle.

I thought making the box with an x in it would reinforce the straps nicely and it makes it look kind of cool too.

To make the straps, I cut three 2 1/4 pieces from each pant leg near the bottom

(these cuts were horizontal ~ I first cut straight up the pant leg to make the fabric flat)

and then pieced them together.

I think the straps and the unfinished top hem makes it look more rugged ;p

And to go inside his Super Rad Rugged Field Bag

I ordered THIS magnifying glass

and THIS book “The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians”.

R. got THIS N.A.S. Field Guide to New England years ago

and uses it all of the time to look up things she finds in our backyard.

Hoping he will love his field guide as much as R. does!

Now to find some cargos that R. likes to make her a bag too…

although I am a bit scared as to what might come into the house from our creek in it!

Happy sewing,


Tahitian Shawl Quilt Top August 22, 2010

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My “Tahitian Shawl” quilt top for my Mum’s birthday.

Made using the Russian Shawl quilt pattern in Jane Brocket’s “The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking”.

I really can’t say enough just how much I LOVE this book (HERE)

and I hope to try and make just about every quilt in it =0)

This throw quilt is much larger than I expected…

ha ha, don’t know why I never grasp the dimensions in my mind correctly!

The pattern instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

The first few “rounds” I whipped up the first day

and then I completed a round here and there as I had time.

Really though, it came together very quickly!

Martha Nelgley large floral fabrics (purchased from Alewives HERE) were my primary inspiration for this quilt

and a touch of Kaffe Fassett and Jennifer Pagnelli are used in the small borders.

This is my first “girly” quilt I have made and it was so fun working with the pink and purples (as per my Mum’s request).

Now to get some backing fabric…it takes a whopping 4 1/2 yards!

This may take a while as I used all of my fun money to order a super cute (and funky!) pair of Kate Spade eye glasses…

I so look forward to being able to see clearly!

Happy quilting,