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Scooter Fun! July 25, 2010

I can’t remember ever having as much fun sewing as I did making this Scooter Bag!

OK, now I just need to travel to France and wear it while I drive around on a real scooter ;0)

The pattern is the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag from Sew Liberated HERE

and made up in all Echino Fabrics from Superbuzzy HERE.

I admittedly have an addiction to Echino Fabrics ;0)

The fabrics are a heavier weight linen/cotton blend so I used a featherweight interfacing which was perfect!

I love the large back pocket and the peek-a-boo scooters on the underside of the quilted strap!

The front also has 2 pockets…or rather one divided pocket.

and a nice zippered pocket on the inside…

with some more scooters in the lining!

Oh and my favorite part ~ the frayed scooter applique!

R. is totally in love with it

but its awfully big for such a little peanut

so I am thinking I might shrink the pattern

and make her a matching mini one for Christmas this year ;0)

Such fun!

A few quick notes on the pattern:

I can’t imagine making this without a walking foot ~ really I wouldn’t even try!

Lots of cutting and fussy cutting =0)

To attach the pocket decorative edge, you first need to put the pocket FRONT and LINING wrong sides together

and then lay the decorative piece face down and UPSIDE down on the LINING side…the instructions are not very clear here and I had to seam rip a couple of times.

When boxing your corners or sewing the lining to the exterior bag ~ be SURE to sew with the seams away from each other

or you’ll never be able to get your walking foot over all of the fabric.

Other than those few tips, this bag was pretty easy to make and I think it looks FABULOUS!

Now I’ve got to figure out something to whip up for my Nephew’s 4th Birthday (that was last week!)

Happy sewing,



3 Responses to “Scooter Fun!”

  1. Molly Says:

    Super cute!!! I can see why your little peanut wants it for herself 🙂
    How about an apron for your nephew (and maybe a chef’s hat)…easy to whip up and not too much fabric required.

  2. Dar Says:

    So-o-o, when did you have time to do this one? I don’t remember you telling me about it. Love the colors.

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