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Urban Home Goods 2 Swap! July 31, 2010

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So excited to be joining my latest swap ~ the Urban Home Goods 2 (info HERE)!

Really…they are SUPER addicting =0)

Also, I received my pillow from the Pillow Talk Swap but have yet to get a pillow insert for it…

its a biggie and I really want to get a down insert so I’ve got to do some shopping around.

I can’t tell you how much I HEART this pillow!

Erin did a FANTASTIC job and I really can’t thank her enough!

Of all the hundreds of pillows in the swap this was the one that was totally me ~ so glad its mine =0)

It will be perfect in my sewing room (unfortunately still a WIP) ;0)

Working on my Mum’s birthday quilt…should have pics up soon.

Have a lovely weekend!



Scooter Fun! July 25, 2010

I can’t remember ever having as much fun sewing as I did making this Scooter Bag!

OK, now I just need to travel to France and wear it while I drive around on a real scooter ;0)

The pattern is the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag from Sew Liberated HERE

and made up in all Echino Fabrics from Superbuzzy HERE.

I admittedly have an addiction to Echino Fabrics ;0)

The fabrics are a heavier weight linen/cotton blend so I used a featherweight interfacing which was perfect!

I love the large back pocket and the peek-a-boo scooters on the underside of the quilted strap!

The front also has 2 pockets…or rather one divided pocket.

and a nice zippered pocket on the inside…

with some more scooters in the lining!

Oh and my favorite part ~ the frayed scooter applique!

R. is totally in love with it

but its awfully big for such a little peanut

so I am thinking I might shrink the pattern

and make her a matching mini one for Christmas this year ;0)

Such fun!

A few quick notes on the pattern:

I can’t imagine making this without a walking foot ~ really I wouldn’t even try!

Lots of cutting and fussy cutting =0)

To attach the pocket decorative edge, you first need to put the pocket FRONT and LINING wrong sides together

and then lay the decorative piece face down and UPSIDE down on the LINING side…the instructions are not very clear here and I had to seam rip a couple of times.

When boxing your corners or sewing the lining to the exterior bag ~ be SURE to sew with the seams away from each other

or you’ll never be able to get your walking foot over all of the fabric.

Other than those few tips, this bag was pretty easy to make and I think it looks FABULOUS!

Now I’ve got to figure out something to whip up for my Nephew’s 4th Birthday (that was last week!)

Happy sewing,



My Favorite Block July 19, 2010

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I am so sorry for not being “around” much on my blog right now…

but we’ve been having way to much FUN this summer to just be cooped up inside sewing ;0)

But I did make some time this morning to get caught up

on Mollie’s July Block for the Red and Aqua Bee 2!

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this paper pieced block

(even though I really DISLIKE paper piecing!)

She sent us all a bunch of fabrics an then asked us to choose our favorites for the block.

I think I might have to track down the fabrics I selected to use for my month ;0)

And just to TOOT my own horn, ha ha, look at how perfect my center is!!!

I hope she likes it and I can’t wait to see her finished quilt.

Off to see a play tonight…have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer???

Happy quilting,



Slouch Bag July 15, 2010

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I just finished making this “Slouch Bag” (pattern HERE) and just had to bring it to the Library this afternoon!

This is the first bag I’ve ever sewn up, and my first time sewing on a zipper.

Fairly easy bag to make, but a walking foot for your sewing machine is a must!

Its hard to tell in this pic…but I spent quite a LONG while quilting on the diagonal the bag’s main fabric.

Also another first ~ can’t wait to try it on my next quilt =0)

It even has a cute little pocket inside.

This really is the PERFECT sized Library Tote!

Off to read my new Library book…

Happy sewing,



my NEW ENGLAND quilt! July 9, 2010

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After many enjoyable hours spent in front of the television (really when do I ever get to do that?)

I was able to FINALLY finish hand stitching the binding on my New England inspired quilt!

I love LOVE love how the quilting looks after I washed it…

and how soft the Echino fabrics are now!

And how this quilt brightens my otherwise neutral toned room!

And I especially love how HAPPY it makes me to snuggle up under it

even though its wicked hot out right now ;0)

(Note to self: finish bedroom quilt in the Fall or Winter next time!)

Happy Friday,



Stacked Block July 8, 2010

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Whipped up this “Stacked” block this morning to audition it for the 3rd quarter 3×6 Sampler Mini Bee.

I made it using this tutorial HERE at the Sometimes Crafter.

I of course came up short in my measurements and had to add white strips to the top and bottom…

hate when that happens arrgghhh!

I think I might use this block on the back of my flying geese quilt

and modify this block using larger strips for the blocks I made for the bee???

Hope you are all staying cool!

Happy quilting,


a swap! July 7, 2010

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My first swap came in the mail ~ yay!

These pinnies are from my flickr’ friend Tiffany (tiggle giggles)

and she made me two

a “hardworking” (the smaller one)

and a “not so hardworking” featuring vintage embroidery and Flea Market Fancy fabric on the back!

Oh and yes, it came bearing that bee-utiful pin!


I’m still waiting for my Pillow Talk Swap pillow to arrive…

anxiously waiting for the mail to be delivered every day!

Sticking to the old adage that “good things come to those who wait”.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on hand stitching the binding to my queen sized quilt…

Happy sewing,