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Who Knew? June 28, 2010

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Who knew that old Scrabble game my MIL gave us from when my Hubby was younger would come in so handy?

We LOVE Scrabble here at our house

and since Santa brought us a super fancy deluxe Scrabble game a couple of years ago

we really didn’t need the old game she gave us

so I was HAPPY to put the tiles to such a BEAUTIFUL use!

I am feeling very sentimental about wearing one of these tiles around my neck ;0)

R. and I had such a fun time making these…

she actually made the brown one on the right pretty much by herself!!!

This lovely one in the box is on its way to California for my Mum’s birthday ;0)

Do ya wanna know how we made them???

Kirsten at Three Dancing Magpies has a super great tutorial HERE

as well as DIY kits (including the beautiful Japanese papers) HERE.

But if you are one of my really good friends you won’t need to make one for yourself (hint hint!)

as these make FABULOUS birthday gifts =0)

Happy crafting,



One Response to “Who Knew?”

  1. Molly Says:

    hmm, I think I just got a sudden urge to swing by my post office:)

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