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Stitching Bliss June 7, 2010

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I’ve been having some stitching withdrawals lately…

I used to always have a cross stitch project hooped up and waiting.

After purchasing fabrics for my new sewing/quilting addiction

I haven’t had money left to buy the linen and variegated threads necessary for cross stitching.

And those items can be costly…$25-40 to work up a small cross stitch pattern and then there is the frame =0(

Not to worry… I’ve come across some very inspiring blogs Stitchlings HERE and Comfortstitching HERE

both with LOVELY embroidery goodness!

I just ordered this yummy book from Amazon HERE which I found on Georgia’s blog Stitchlings.

She also has a great pillowcase embroidery tutorial HERE

and has inspired me to make a few of these for my neice and nephews for Christmas this year!

And not to be missed are the adorable embroidery patterns from Comfortstitching at her Etsy Shop HERE!

I just picked up her Scoot pattern and will be making some “grown up” embroidered pillow cases with it =0)

(And be sure to check out her Girl on a Tree Mini Quilt Tutorial HERE because it is seriously FABULOUS!)

I’ve already got my hoops and white fabric (and lots of new patterns!)

and with a few inexpensive skeins of DMC floss (like 30 cents a piece!)

I’ll be on my way to stitching bliss!

Happy stitching,



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