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Sewing Loft Inspirations May 3, 2010

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We spent the weekend painting and organizing up in my sewing loft.

I was inspired by the colors in this gorgeous quilt (pictured above) made by Kerri (blogged at lovely little handmades here).

Lime, orange, and aqua ~ how fresh!

I would love to have my loft completely redecorated YESTERDAY…

I know, I know, I must practice some PATIENCE (I really have very little of it).

An accent wall in my loft was painted a lovely shade of lime green

and I have plans to paint R.’s table and chairs in orange

and recover the top with some Amy Butler laminated cotton here.

Ha, ha D. bought me the nice chest of drawers to hold my fabrics and such

AND wouldn’t ya know…one of the drawer fronts was not drilled so he had to order a new piece for it.

MUST I really learn patience now ~ ARGHHH???

The walls are so bare, but I’ll have fun making a little mini quilt (with this fabric here) and some stiching to put up.

My parents were so sweet to go to IKEA and buy THIS chair in light blue for my sewing desk and send it to me =0)

And what will my chair need???

Why a modern pillow to liven up the room of course!

Aren’t these pillows (more on these here) just frickin’ beautiful???

I want one too!

I’ve joined this Pillow Talk Swap Round 3 and hope to have a pillow to decorate my space soon!

If you are interested in joining the swap hurry over here today as it is the last day to join!

Happy sewing,



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