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Wonky Star April 29, 2010

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I can’t tell you just how elated I am to be part of several virtual quilting bees!

I tend to be one of those people who get into a groove and stay there…

and I don’t particularly care to push the creative envelope.

Being in a quilting bee pushes you right off your arse and out of your comfort zone.

I am learning new techniques,

experimenting with new quilt blocks,

and working with colors I never would have put together myself…

AND I am thrilled with the results!

A particular favorite of mine is the 3×6 Mini Sampler Bee.

It is a group (aka “beehive”) of 7 and you have 3 months to make and send 6 of the same block type (ie. log cabin, star, etc),

one for each of the other 6 members in your beehive, in their specified colors and fabric tastes (ie., modern, no batik, etc.),

and here is what I love…using your own fabrics!

Really, it couldn’t be easier, no sending fabrics and directions, you just make the block you are comfortable with,

and at the end of the three months YOU will receive 6 blocks in your color way =0)

If you would like to join, the reservation list for the 3rd and 4th quarters can be found here.

Getting on to the wonky star part…

I followed this very helpful tutorial over at The Silly BooDilly blog here to make my first ever Wonky Star Block.

Jennifer requested orange, purple, and brown for her blocks.

I chose to use a different fabric for each star point and linen fabric for my background.

I didn’t quite get the whole making your triangle larger by 1/2″ -1″ until I sewed up my first side…

aaahhha ~ cut your star point fabrics into 5″ (charm size!) or 5 1/2″ squares, instead of the 4.5″ she originally suggested!

I went ahead and chain sewed my blocks wherever possible.

And I simply adore how this block turned out ~ isn’t it just so fun?

Jennifer plans on donating her finished quilt to charity…

UNLESS she loves it too much ~ ha ha, gotta love her escape clause!

But for now she only gets to see this “sneak peek” pic on our flickr group.

Happy quilting,


One Response to “Wonky Star”

  1. Jeni Says:

    That a beautiful block! I love the fabrics you choose! I agree, I love being pushed to try out new color combos! Your combo and Jen’s as well were both really new to me but now I love them both! I have lots of great browns in my stash but have a hard time incorporating them with other colors. Now that I see how amazing they look with brights, I may have to make something for myself 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Bee so far! 🙂

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