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Paper Pieced Laced Star Block April 27, 2010

Got a package from my Red and Aqua Bee 2 in the mail from Canada!

I kinda sorta freaked when I saw this paper piecing pattern sans instructions…

(original pattern here ~ she enlarged hers to make a 16.5 inch block)

I have NEVER done a quilt block quite this COMPLICATED before!

A few deep breaths were taken and I gathered my wits about me

(and courage ~ it is a bit worrisome when the fabric is NOT yours and is in very limited supply)

and I jumped right in (only after reading this tutorial here and this one here too).

Perforating the printer paper before sewing was definitely helpful when lining up the fabric on the reverse side before sewing

as well as making it easier to remove the paper after the block is finished.

I had to seam rip and resew about a thousand times…

alright, maybe only a hundred!

Really really REALLY wish she would have sent MORE fabric for nubes like me.

It took a while to get the hang of cutting the proper size and aligning it just right for sewing.

More fabric = much easier = saves tons of seam ripping


Surely remember to lay your 1st piece right side UP and ALL OTHERS right side DOWN

because if you don’t that makes for tons more seam ripping.

OH and please lay out your pattern before you begin and mark on it with pencil the top bottom left and right pieces and then write on the shapes which color or fabric goes in it because it will make your life way easier (well maybe not your whole life).

AND even though it was totally frickin’ frustrating

and I cursed the whole time I was piecing it

I am so glad I did it and am totally in LOVE with this block!!!

Happy quilting,



One Response to “Paper Pieced Laced Star Block”

  1. Jess Says:

    That block is very cool! Can I convince you to share the pattern with me?!?

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