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Turning Twenty Class 3 April 24, 2010

My new Rowenta iron (here) finally arrived and it presses/steams perfectly!

I did a bit of research and considered going with another brand but in the end I stuck with Rowenta.

My past two irons were Rowentas and I didn’t have any trouble with them…other than smashing into my wood floors, ha ha.

I love how heavy they are and they get really hot and give a good steam.

Remember my “B” block?

Finally finished up those “A” blocks which completes my Turning Twenty Class 3!

I spent the afternoon yesterday moving into my new sewing loft,

(spent most of the time moving my daughter’s stuff out of it!)

but managed to squeeze in some time to start working on a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom.

Here’s a sneak peek at the fabrics…

Everything has been cut and pinned and is ready to sew…

of course I do not have the color thread I need and will have to pick some up today =0)

Hoping to finish it up tomorrow and will post a quick and easy tutorial so you can make one for your Mom (or yourself!) too.

Happy sewing,



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