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Mishaps April 22, 2010

So I think I earned the dunce award in my Virtual Turning Twenty quilting class!

Remember these stacks of blocks I sewed up for class 2 here?

The ones I was soooo proud of?  ha ha

Well, I sewed the rectangle to the wrong side of the square.

Ended up having to seam rip and resew 14 of the 20 blocks.

(thanks Molly for chatting on the phone with me with while I did this mundane task!)

On the upside, I learned how to do a proper pinning =0)

See how my pins go in and out of the fabric a few times?

Also learned to NOT sew over pins, but to remove them instead.

AND to think I have been doing it wrong for all of these years ~ yeesh!

Rhea (our teacher from Alewives Fabrics here) is full of “little pearls of wisdom” (I love her term), such as proper pinning, and I highly recommend taking this class the next time she offers it.

A proper finished “B block” with the small rectangle now on the left side.

So where are all the “A Blocks”?

Laying in a stack on my ironing board.

My new iron did NOT show up yesterday =0(

R. has dropped mine on our wood floors half a dozen times, each time smashing a piece off of it, and it officially will no longer produce steam without water leaking everywhere.

Ran into town and picked up a spray bottle (I know, right, I couldn’t believe it myself that we didn’t already have one!) to try my hand at steaming the old fashion way.

Let’s just say I prefer using a steam iron and leave it at that.

Will finish pressing those “A Blocks” when my new iron finally arrives.

AND not to worry about her dropping this one…



Received this sewing table (here) as an early birthday present!

I love that the sewing machine drops in for a flat sewing/quilting surface.

Hoping to get working on my sewing room and do a little tagsaleing for some shelving and a chair this weekend.

Happy sewing,



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