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More Echino? April 21, 2010

Remember I blogged a bit here about the Sew Liberated Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag?

Right, I was going to use Heather Ross Gnomes in plum…

until I came across these fabulous scooters from Echino!

Alright, I admit it…I have a slight infatuation with Echino fabrics!

What can I say?  They make me smile.

Echino fabrics available here at superbuzzy

from top to bottom:  Dots – Olive, Scooter – Grape, and Solids – Grape.

Got my fabrics washed and ready to press so I could begin cutting out my pieces.

AND then my iron wouldn’t cooperate ~ ARRGGHHH!

Ordered new iron and hope it will show up today.

Guess I’ll have to go on a bicycle ride with R. instead =0)

Have  a lovely afternoon!

Happy sewing,



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