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first quilting bee! April 18, 2010

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Look what came in the mail on Friday???

A bunch of scrap fabrics from Mary with a request for a pieced row for our Red and Aqua Bee Part Two!

This is my first virtual quilting bee (more on that here) and I was all too excited to jump in and get started on her row!

There was a slight problem though…

she wanted it improvised and requested the row to be anywhere from 2 to 6″ wide and 40″ long…

Have I mentioned I have never improvised a block before???

I kind of got a bit freaked and went searching tutorials on the Web with no such luck.

I took a few deep breaths and decided to start piecing the “girl” blocks and figured I would build on those.

Look what I came up with?

I wanted them to be similar but not too matchy-matchy.

I think they turned out adorable!

Once those were made, I used the width (4 1/4 “) as my foundation and then began piecing the rest of the blocks and strips of fabric from there…

And before I knew it VOILA I had the whole row done!

Can I toot my own horn for a minute please?

I love the simple geometric shapes and how the colors and shapes are balanced!

I pretty much used up every scrap of fabric and the row was 2 1/2″ short of her 40″ request.

Had I had some more light value red fabric I would have added a 1 1/4″ (1 1/2″ cut) strip to the top and bottom.

Off it goes into the mail ~ enjoy Mary!

Happy sewing,



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