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A Finished Semi-Fantastic Mr. Fox! April 6, 2010

We have a tad bit if an obsession with foxes over here!

“Fern” (aptly named by R.), a beautiful red fox living across the road above the pond, provides us daily with many hours of amusement…although she drives our dog (a border collie mix) batty.

We love watching her go about her day.

She often creeps into our yard to hunt in the many holes hiding rabbits and woodchucks…she is always welcome!

I think I permanently damaged the nerves in my thumb and first two fingers, ha ha, but I managed to finish this Semi-Fantastic Mr. Fox last night.

Not a moment too soon…he will be coming with us on our trip to D.C. so I can give it to R. along with the Fantastic Mr. Fox book for her 9th birthday!

This little fox was made from a kit from Bird and Little Bird (original post here).

I love supporting local (local enough anyway) crafting Moms!

I simply adore his right ear that flops forward ~ the unplanned wonkiness of my Mr. Fox and Ms. Rabbit (here) ears is certainly growing on me!

I know R. will fall in love with him the way she did with Ms. Rabbit a.k.a “Funty” (have you read the Penderwicks?)

Simple enough pattern for even beginner sewers to follow.

Getting the needle through all of the stuffing to attach the limbs was the most difficult part…just takes time and patience (and the feeling out of your fingers!)

There is quite a bit of hand sewing involved, but there is a great “ladder stitch” tutorial at Sewing Stars (here) to help you along.

Happy sewing,



One Response to “A Finished Semi-Fantastic Mr. Fox!”

  1. jane Says:

    These stuffies are incredibly cute and sweet. I love them! Nice job!!

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