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Tedious Work March 20, 2010

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I don’t know about you…but my least favorite part of sewing is the cutting of the pattern and the fabric.

But, it cannot be avoided…

So I must come up with a way to make it more fun…

And when it’s finished, I sigh with relief, and DO THE HAPPY DANCE!!!

With this gorgeous weather we are having, I simply cannot allow myself to stay inside and sew.  Can’t promise to finish R.’s Little Prairie Girl top (a present for her 9th birthday!) this weekend, but with the expected cold front moving in next week it will definitely be done soon.

Happy first day of Spring!



2 Responses to “Tedious Work”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hello. I enjoy reading your blog – your projects always look like fun and the end results are lovely. Tell me, what is the function of the blue (painter’s?) tape on your cut pattern pieces? Is it keeping the interfacing in place until you fuse/sew it in?

    Thanks for sharing your work.

    Jennifer in Kansas

    • Welcome Jennifer and thank you (blushing!) for the lovely compliment! I actually use the painters tape to label the individual pieces (to differentiate fronts and backs, etc.) after they are cut ~ it won’t damage the fabric and is super easy to remove =0)

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