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Prairie Girls! March 18, 2010

My next sewing project is going to be Mother and Daughter “Prairie Girl” tops!

Unlike the Amy Butler mother/daughter patterns you have to buy the patterns separately…but they do include a pattern for a dress, top, and slip or dickie.  Both of these Favorite Things patterns are available online here at the Sewing Garden.

Loving this Anna Maria Horner “Little Folks Baby Bouquet Sweet” cotton voile (available here at Pink Chalk Fabric) for my Prairie Girl top! This is a super soft sheer cotton that screams summertime.  Can’t wait to try sewing with it.

R. picked out this “Park Slope Pebbles Turquoise” quilting weight cotton by Erin McMorris from Alewives Fabrics (here).

I’ve never tried a “Favorite Things” pattern and look forward to whipping up her Little Prairie Girl top this weekend.  Of course I will post a pattern review and lots of pics.

I’ll be enjoying this glorious Spring sunshine we’ve been blessed with by taking a really long bike ride with R. today!  R. says, “It is definitely Spring because I even saw some Robins and Blue Jays eating worms this morning!”  Ha,ha love that girl of mine!

Happy sewing,



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  1. […] this Favorite Things “Little Prairie Girl” pattern (information on pattern and fabric here) for a beginner sewer, it presumes the sewer is experienced, but Advanced beginner and up should do […]

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