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Quilt Inspiration March 8, 2010

purple patchwork quilt, originally uploaded by filminthefridge.

I sadly did not find the time to sew up my Anna Tunic this weekend. The weather was gorgeous (and here in New England you must take advantage when Spring so graciously makes an appearance) and I had a homework assignment to complete (no, really, I did!)

I “popped in” over at the Alewives Fabrics “Turning Twenty” virtual quilting class with Rhea (more about that here) yesterday and was totally inspired by her post about selecting fabrics for your quilt.  I so love how she throws all the rules out the window and simply tells you to choose a single fabric to be your muse and to build your other fabrics around it (OK, she went into a lot more detail than that, ha ha, but that was the gist of it!)  So of course, being the over achieving student that I am, I had to get right on my homework and select the fabrics for my quilt….easier said than done when your only options are driving for hours or browsing the Internet!

I looked and looked (albeit, obsessively) for hours, and thought that I might pick some fabrics from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks cotton voile or Garden Party line, which both would have been lovely, but I couldn’t quite pull the fabrics together to mix and match them without seeing them.  So off I went searching my favorite quilting blogs, and low and behold, I found the quilt (pictured above) over at (my most favorite quilting blog) Film in the Fridge (blogged here) and another similar one of her quilts  done in a different color palette blogged here.  I love love love her use of the whimsical prints from Etsuko Furuya’s Echino collections!!!

My most favorite pattern hands down is the “piglet in jade” here, which is the inspiration for my Turning Twenty quilt! Ashley from Film in the Fridge actually used the little pig in both of her lovely quilts.  I have been playing around with the different fabrics and when I finally (I am the most willy-nilly decision maker ever!) purchase them, I will “show and tell”.  Right now I am leaning toward the purple-turquoise-green colorway in the quilt pictured above.  The colors would be perfect in my bedroom (if I make a queen sized quilt) but doesn’t quite match my living room (if I do a generous sized throw) so some redecorating there might be totally necessary, ha ha.

Happy sewing,


One Response to “Quilt Inspiration”

  1. Molly Says:

    Oh, I LOVE those colors. Can’t wait to see what you picked out!

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