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Far Far Away Quilt Blocks February 28, 2010

Love that man of mine!  He took R. out running errands for a couple of hours yesterday so I could work on R.’s “Far Far Away Charm School” birthday quilt.  I actually got all of the blocks sewn together!

To be perfectly honest, I have been procrastinating making these blocks because I was afraid of screwing it up (it cost a small fortune!)  Probably not the wisest choice for my first quilt because the Heather Ross “Far Far Away” double gauze cotton fabric is a tad difficult to work with.  It stretches quite a bit while cutting and sewing, and it easily gets stuck and shreds in the sewing machine when you start to sew it if you are not super careful.  After much frustration with this, I finally figured out that it was best to manually lower my needle in to the fabric a good distance from the edge of the fabric.  This did the trick and I was able to sew up the rest of the blocks pretty effortlessly.

My squares are supposed to be 6″, but they are a bit smaller and kind of wonky (I think maybe it was my cutting because the fabric was so stretchy?)  I probably should have waited until after my “Turning Twenty” virtual quilting class to have made this, but what’s done is done.  At this point I think I will just attempt to sew the blocks together as best as I can…fortunately R. is very forgiving when it comes to handmade and I know will love it despite all of its imperfections!

Now if I can just finish it by April…

PS- head over to the Frontier Dreams blog here for a chance to win some lovely play silks!  I have always wanted to gift R. with a set of these…maybe for her birthday???

Happy sewing,



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