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Emily’s New Blouse February 10, 2010

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While I was busy sewing at my machine, R. was busy designing a doll blouse for Emily.  I love how creative kids are…when they want something ~ they just make it without worrying or fussing about it!  She drew a pattern of her own, traced it onto fabric, cut it out, and we sewed it up (together).

We are talking basic-basic sewing…no finished seams…we just threw a quick zig-zag stitch around all of the edges so that it would have that “unfinished frayed look” and used some no-fray on the edges of the sleeves to seal it.

She finished it off with a large white ribbon we had stashed (it was the ribbon that came around a pair of folded Christmas PJ’s) in the craft armoir.

Emily’s dress is reversible and has the same neckline (v-neck) on the back with a seam down the middle (ha ha I told her to “cut the front on the fold”, she did and then preceded to cut it down the middle…but she had “wanted it that way!”)

I think I might have a future seamstress on my hands???

Happy sewing,



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