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Books Books Books February 8, 2010

Ok I admit it, I am totally obsessed with books…always have and always will!  There’s just something magical about picking up a good book and being transported to a far away land or time (I am a Jane Austen freak!) and I can’t see myself ever jumping on the digital book bandwagon (aka Kindle) it just feels so…sterile?  There is something special about the weight of a book in your hand, turning the crisp (or not so crisp in the case of a favorite book) pages, and that distinct smell of papery goodness.  Sometimes I love just turning the pages and looking at the illustrations or photography.  I definitely do not get the same sensation or pleasure from reading a digital book.

I really am trying to simplify my life and in particular my home, but it is a bit difficult because our biggest clutter culprits are books!  Books books books of every kind, big books, little books, story books, science books, art books, and my new growing collection…sewing books!  Rather than purge my home of our most beloved treasures, we really need to organize our collections.  This spring I plan on visiting quite a few tag-sales in hopes of purchasing a few good bookcases (I think we need one in every room!) and with a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint they will be better than new!

Here are a few of my favorite sewing books with my favorite recipe/memoir book thrown in just because (I find it so inspiring).  From top to bottom: Alabama Studio Style, Sew Liberated, Linen Wool Cotton, A Homemade Life (recipes), Weekend Sewing, and Alabama Stitch Book.  R. and I love to snuggle up together and peruse through sewing books and oodle over all of the things we would love to make and all of the lovely fabrics that we would like to use.

I typically try to preview the sewing books by lending it out from my local library (there have been several I have been very disappointed with and am glad that I didn’t buy them) but I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on Natalie Chanin’s new book “Alabama Studio Style”.  I absolutely loved her first book “Alabama Stitch Book” and love this second book just as much (she even included some yummy recipes!)  I can’t wait to make her tank dress and tank top this summer.

I previewed (from my Library) this Amy Butler “In Stitches” and decided that it looks fabulous with my other books and MUST be added to my collection very soon.  I also really want to add both Amanda Soule books “The Creative Family” and “Handmade Home”, Denyse Schmidt Quilts, and I Love Patchwork.

What are your favorite sewing books or on your wish list…I’d love to hear!

Happy reading,



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