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Valentine Hankies February 6, 2010

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In preparation for our March One Small Change we are trying to get things ready to use less paper in our house.  One of our biggest culprits around here is tissues.  I mentioned to Molly that I wanted to make some hankies and she suggested using flannel as it makes for really soft and very absorbent hankies.

R. and I looked through our bag of scrap flannel — left over from pillow cases we gave wrapped around a book and tied with a ribbon (we used it as our wrapping paper!) for my niece and nephews and a few friends from a previous Christmas.  Using these scraps we whipped up some really quick hankies and R. decided that she wanted to send a few as Valentine gifts to her best friends in California.

We cut the scrap flannel into 8″ squares (I cut 10″ squares for D.’s and mine) and then used a quick decorative stitch on my sewing machine around the edges to prevent unraveling.

R. was very excited to personalize her gifts by picking just the right fabrics for her friends.

We chose three girly prints for Samantha…

…and three boyish prints for Nate.

R. made a couple of little Valentine cards out of card stock and stamps and wrote a heartfelt message on the back of each.  We folded the hankies up and tied with scrap flannel and adorned with a couple of recycled paper flowers.  Sew easy!!

This completes gifts 3 and 4.  Now I just have to make it down to the post office to drop them in the mail…

Happy sewing,



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