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First Gifts February 5, 2010

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I have been wondering of late how I ever become crafty?  I was not raised in a home with a mother who taught me to cook and sew.  She is a highly educated career woman, who at one point worked five jobs to put herself through Law School and then for years worked many twelve hour days to keep her Law Office afloat.  She is a strong and confident woman, someone I admire very much (I have to mention here that I come by my feistiness quite honestly!) and someone whose foot steps I was sure I would follow in.

I have to say I am the furthest thing from this, ha ha, I am a stay-at-home homeschooling crafting granola crunching Mama and love every minute of it!  But how did I get here?  I came across a post at maya*made this morning (isn’t this rabbit the cutest thing?) and had that “aha” moment, “Ah yes, I do remember.”

It all started about 17 years ago when my best friend Molly and I decided to make something for our Moms for Mother’s Day.  I’d have to say it must have been her idea because I had never made a gift (besides in school) for anyone before, and she had done some sewing before.    Somehow I convinced my Dad to buy me a sewing machine (he is such a sweetie like that!) and take us to JoAnn Fabric, where we picked out a rabbit softie kit (with a tiny apron to sew up) to make for our Moms.  We spent many hours up in her room happily sewing away.  Of course we never finished the rabbits (we couldn’t quite figure them out) and my Dad ended up taking us on a last-minute run back to JoAnn Fabric to buy a couple of finished rabbits, but we did make their aprons and even lovingly added some cross-stitching.  After that, JoAnn Fabric became our favorite store and we had fun sewing up dresses and pants and even did some patchwork quilting!

At one point, I actually got my Mom to sign up for a quilting class with me at a local quilt shop!  Ha, ha if you knew her this would be funny because she is soooo NOT the Martha Stewart type.  But, she did it for me.  We never finished the class, but it was special nonetheless to have had her spend that time with me.  She has been the recipient of many of my handmade (with lots of love) gifts and actually prefers them to anything I could buy her.

Which brings me to share with you the gift my Mom gave D. and I this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary ~ a beautiful photo collage of our trip last summer to Martha’s Vineyard printed on stretched canvas.  R. was so excited about it that she insisted on being hung up next to her desk in our entry hall.  I love that I can type away at my computer on the sofa and look up to see it and be reminded of how much I am loved.

In my 33 years this is the first gift she has ever made (not that the gifts she has bought me haven’t been extremely generous and much appreciated) for anyone!  She spent a long time at Cosco (and time is something she does not have to spare) going through hundreds of photos from our trip and putting this together for us.  I love how excited she was when she finished it and called me to tell me she had made us something special and that it would be there in the next couple of weeks!  I will treasure it always!

I think I probably would not have gotten into sewing (and knitting) if it wasn’t for hanging around with Molly through high school and for her friendship all of these years.  We enjoy sending each other links to inspiring ideas and patterns and making gifts for each other.  She actually gave me the idea to make R.’s Waldorf doll for Christmas this year.  And even though my Mom didn’t teach me to sew or craft, it is because of her encouragement to make her (and others) gifts that I have given up buying store bought presents.  She is always my go to gal to bounce off gift ideas because I know I can count on her to give me her honest opinion.  How lucky am I to have two such wonderful and inspiring Women in my life???!!!  Do you have someone who inspires you to be crafty?  I would love to hear about it!

Happy Sewing,



One Response to “First Gifts”

  1. Molly Says:

    Wow, I feel so honored! My mom still has her little rabbit sitting in her dining room. That was the just the beginning wasn’t it…who knew where we’d end up all these years (and miles) later! I love that you have this blog so that I can see all these projects we chat about. You are definately an inspiration to me as well! Love ya, Molly
    P.S. I love your mom’s collage!

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