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Meet Spoc Monkey February 4, 2010

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My Husband D.’s birthday is a few short days after Christmas (poor guy!) and I feel like he always gets short-changed on the gifts (because all of our money gets spent on Christmas presents and the five other family birthdays that fall in December).  I really wanted to get him some of the gifts he had picked out from a catalog, but as we decided this would be a “cash” Christmas, I was completely out of money.  The previous year I had made our nephew a sock monkey and D. loved it.  I racked my brain for something special I could make him.  He had mentioned a couple of times over the year just how cool it was and that he wanted a blue sock monkey…

A trip to our local sock outlet, a pair of blue eco-wool Men’s hiking socks (these were really thick and a pain to sew on my machine…I doubt I would use them again), and a bunch of scrounged supplies from my craft closet later “Spoc Monkey” was born.  D. is a techie and a huge geek (geek is used as a most enduring sentiment in our home ~ we aspire to achieving greater geekiness around here!) so along with Spoc we gave him the book “A Geek’s Guide to World Domination” … with a Spoc Monkey and guide in hand there would be no stopping him, ha ha.  Really, he has never before been so excited over a gift in our eleven years together!

R. has sort of adopted Spoc (D. says he’s sharing her) and wants me to make her an “argyle” (I love that she knows what argyle is!) monkey.  I love that you can select socks that fit the giftee’s personality!  They are not hard to make, but are time consuming and require quite a bit of hand sewing.  After making Spoc and Chloe (her 16″ Waldorf-inspired Doll) this past December, and because I will be making her Semi-Fantastic Mr. Fox for her Easter basket very soon, Mama has decided she needs to dedicate  her time to other projects.  I am thinking maybe I will make her monkey for Christmas this year??

For those of you interested in making a monkey, this is the really great (and EASY!!) tutorial I followed on Web*Goddess and the instructions for Spoc’s scarf can be found here on Sock Monkey Fun (they also have a great hat that I had made for my Nephew’s monkey).

Happy sewing,



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