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Finished Reading Pillow February 2, 2010

Yesterday’s mail brought with it the organic cotton fiberfil I have been waiting for…and I finished my Reading Pillow! Gift two sewn and given.  R. thoroughly enjoyed putting it to good use as soon as it was finished.  We will be taking a trip to Washington D.C. for her birthday this spring, ha ha most kids want a party but she wanted to go to the White House and to some museums (she is so my daughter!), so this pillow will be perfect for holding her book on the long car ride (how do kids read in the car and NOT get sick???)  We have never been to D.C. and are really excited about it.  We will be staying with my Aunt and Uncle and my Mom will be flying out with my Niece from California.  Do you think nine is to old to wear a birthday crown?  I love the crowns over at Frontier Dreams…I can see her now, a little birthday princess wondering the halls of the Smithsonian.

This completes gift 2 (not for any special occasion, it is a “just because” gift). My dining room is less one project…only six more W.I.P to go, all awaiting thread.  I dream of some day having my own sewing room with a wall filled with thread and another with fabric…

Have a great day!

Happy sewing,



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