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I Do Believe in Fairies! January 25, 2010

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As I was sewing away yesterday, R decided to make a few gifts of her own…a tiny little dwelling for the fairies.  I have to laugh because she is soooo my Husband’s daughter out there in her pj’s and a sweatshirt!  “But it’s warm out Mom!”  It was in the 40’s for crying out loud!  But she was only out there for a few minutes and as great parenting Guru Alfie Kohn always says, “Pick your battles”.

She gathered scraps from our wood pile (for our wood burning stove), little trinkets from her art stuff (including acorns from last fall that became fairy cups and bowls), leftover sand from one of her homeschooling science projects, the little iron chair leftover from our fairy garden last summer, and put together this fab fairy dwelling complete with loft!  She really let her imagination run wild…she even concocted some fairy juice to leave in one of the acorns and sprinkled green fairy dust (glitter) over the sand in hopes of attracting them to it.

All was so creative, but my most favorite part of her fairy dwelling had to be the ingenious “mail box”.  A little note was tucked safely into it (it poured rain last night and wasn’t wet this morning!) that said, “I hope you enjoy your cup of fruit smoothie fairy family!  You can stay in this how ever long you want!  I will be giving you presents and letters a lot.  Please write back in the mail box.  XOXO R”.  And the fairies did indeed write back a tiny little “Thank You”.

Last night when I was putting her to bed, she was dreaming up new ways to improve the fairy house and said, “Tomorrow I am going to add a bathroom.  What can I make a toilet out of?  I know a small sea shell!”  Ha, ha she is so practical.

Don’t forget to leave a little love for your fairies today!


One Response to “I Do Believe in Fairies!”

  1. Molly Says:

    So sweet. I’ll have to show you the pics of our gnome house! Love the snow boots and shorts!

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