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10 Years! January 15, 2010

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I can’t believe I’ve been married an entire decade!  I am very fortunate to have married my best friend.  We were married in Vegas and just before we walked down the aisle together, hand in hand, while “Elvis” sang “Fools Rush In”, in a small wedding chapel filled with family and friends, an older gentlemen (a perfect stranger) shared his love story (he had been married a gazillion years) with D and then gave him a “lucky” $2 bill for a wedding present.  If you look in D’s wallet, you will still find it tucked away in a pocket.  It has been our lucky charm.  It’s nice to think that somewhere out there a lovely old man and the love of his life have been rooting for us all of these years.  Someday, when we have been married a gazillion years, I hope to go back to the same location and have D do the same for someone else.  It’s the little things, the sentimental things, that help see you through.

Now the bill wasn’t a hand made gift, but it has a story, and we will treasure it always.  It is in this same spirit that I give my handmade gifts.  Last year for our anniversary I made D this cross stitch to hang in our room (I admit I didn’t finish it until last Sept, but no matter!)


It was lovingly hand stitched using the suggested linen and over dyed floss from the JBW Designs pattern French Country Love.  I have stitched up several of the JBW Designs patterns and love their simplicity, beauty, and that most of the patterns don’t require too many different flosses (the cost of those over dyed flosses can add up quickly!)  Now what can I make for him this year???


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