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White Flannel and Lace January 11, 2010

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Yesterday I mentioned the gift I am going to make using the most scrumptious white cotton flannel (visit Amy’s Etsy shop My Vintage Blankie to get your hands on some) and some Japanese crocheted lace in white (of course). Do you want to know what it is? I bet you can’t guess…alright, I’ll tell you…”sweets mats”. Hmmm what is that you ask? Only the cutest, sweetest, most adorable little place mats ever! And better yet they are really simple and inexpensive to make.

I got the idea from Akiko Mano’s beautiful book “Linen Wool Cotton” a “Make Good: Crafts + Life” book. I can’t begin to describe the yummy sewing projects in her book! I think it will take me an entire year’s budget to make everything I want to make in it ~ as opposed to most craft books where you only like one or two projects. Mark my words, I will make everything I want in it in time. Her lines are clean, the fabric is pure, and the finished project is simple, but do not mistake simple for uninspired.

Back to the sweets mats, they are described in her book as such: “Children always look forward to their afternoon snack, especially when it’s served on a place mat to make it feel like a special occasion.” Can’t you just picture R and I sitting down to steeped loose tea in tiny porcelain cups and dainty tea cookies every afternoon? I most certainly am making a set for me too. As luck would have it, I received just the perfect set of tea cups to use with these. My Husband’s client was cleaning out his office and gave him a set of four delicately painted floral (soft pink rose petals) Japanese tea cups ~ brand new in a subtle gray and blue Japanese box.

My flannel is washed, dried and ready to be cut into 8 place mats (4 to give to a friend for her belated birthday and 4 to keep for myself). I am still waiting for the lace trim to arrive via snail mail, but I can get started as all of the place mats need to be sewn first anyways. I will be merrily working away on these over the next couple of days and will share some photos (along with the tea cups!) soon.

Happy Crafting!


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