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Mum’s Quilt December 1, 2010

Good news:  I finished my Mum’s quilt in time for her to bring it home with her during our Thanksgiving visit.

Bad News:  It was really over cast, windy, and cloudy every day except our last day and we were to busy rushing around to give the quilt a proper photograph…large sigh.

Nonetheless, I did manage to take a couple of quick shots as it went into her suitcase.

In spite of bursting into tears after attempting to straight line quilt the first few rows

I remained calm and carried on :D

and it turned out beautifully (after I got the hang of dealing with the bulk of this 70″ x 70″ quilt).

One of the greatest things about NOT prewashing your fabrics

is that they shrink and pucker around your quilting

hiding all of those little imperfections!

But best of all…she TOTALLY loved it!!!

“I never imagined it would be this beautiful!”

I just love giving something so special to someone who truly loves and appreciates all of

the time, money, effort, and love that goes into making a quilt.

I can’t wait to start on my Nephew’s quilt next.

Happy quilting,



Oh La La! October 26, 2010

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Oh La La ~ I am so loving the French General Fabrics in red, white, and linen!

Ohio Star block one …

and block 2 made for Jaleh — Not Your Grandma’s Quilting Bee.

I am totally inspired to make a mini holiday quilt like this one HERE

from the Lumiere de Noel holiday fabric line from French General

and maybe even a Christmas throw quilt to match!

Sigh…so many lovely fabrics

yet “sew” little time to use them all ;D

Happy sewing,





UHG Swap Projects September 13, 2010

Yay, I can finally reveal the projects I made for the Urban Home Goods Swap :D

My secret swap partner was Kirsten (three dancing magpies) and we actually know each other!

I was at her house a couple of weeks ago and she flat-out asked me who her partner for the swap was, and like a bumbling idiot I made up a really lame story, and kept changing the subject every time she brought it up.

Ha, ha I am a horrible fibber ;p

Knowing my swap partner made it all the more fun and inspiring!

The first goodie I made for her is this (main)/Heather Ross(handle and lining) wristlet.

The pattern is “Wristlets Three Ways” from Oh Fransson.

Then I cut into my beloved Nani Iro fabric to make the “Lis iPhone Holder” from flossieteacakes HERE.

I cross stitched a fancy “O” on it just in case somebody else had one JUST like it, ha ha.

And here is the back side…it even has a little credit card slot.

I have got to make up one of these for me!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least…this fabulous “Lickity Split” tablerunner!

All of the lovely fabrics in the blocks were selected by Tasha (a little sweetness) and the really cute ones can be ordered in her lovely little Etsy shop HERE ~ thanks Tasha!

The pattern is from Rachel Griffith’s (p.s. i quilt) Etsy shop HERE.

It was super snappy to piece together…but the quilting and binding took quite a while.

I barely got this in the mail by the swap deadline (literally finished it at 2pm that day!)


Now to start planning for my next two swaps…

Happy Monday,



Sneaky Peeky June 29, 2010

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A little sneaky peaky at my Echino Turning Twenty quilt!

I’m just finishing it up by hand stitching the Kona Raisin binding…

and enjoying every moment of it.

This has to be my most FAVORITE part of the whole quilt process!

I can RELAX, watch a movie, and NOT feel guilty because I am actually accomplishing something ~ tee hee ;0)

Isn’t the long arm quilting by Barbara from Alewives Fabrics BEAUTIFUL???

Happy quilting,


Queen Bee June 23, 2010

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Hooray I am “Queen Bee” for July in the Not Your Grandmas Quilting Bee!

I cut and put together packages with 6″ squares of eight Marylebone from Liberty fabrics

(that I blindly ordered from Sew Mama Sew HERE)

along with a 6″ x fabric width strip of the Kona aqua fabric for each hive member.

I absolutely LOVE these fabrics together with the aqua and can’t wait to see the Flying Geese blocks that I get back!

Now I just have to get to the post office to mail them ;0)

Happy sewing,



More Echino? April 21, 2010

Remember I blogged a bit here about the Sew Liberated Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag?

Right, I was going to use Heather Ross Gnomes in plum…

until I came across these fabulous scooters from Echino!

Alright, I admit it…I have a slight infatuation with Echino fabrics!

What can I say?  They make me smile.

Echino fabrics available here at superbuzzy

from top to bottom:  Dots – Olive, Scooter – Grape, and Solids – Grape.

Got my fabrics washed and ready to press so I could begin cutting out my pieces.

AND then my iron wouldn’t cooperate ~ ARRGGHHH!

Ordered new iron and hope it will show up today.

Guess I’ll have to go on a bicycle ride with R. instead =0)

Have  a lovely afternoon!

Happy sewing,



My Prairie Girl Top is Finished! March 31, 2010

I love love love my Favorite Things “Prairie Girl” top (really more of a tunic length) made up in Anna Maria Horner “Little Folks Baby Bouquet Sweet” cotton voile!!!  The pattern pieces (obviously larger) and instructions were exactly the same as the “Little Prairie Girl” top (pattern review here).  You would have thought that I would have whipped it out with no problems, considering how easily I made the first.   Sadly, no, I ended up doing quite a bit of seam ripping on this one.  I got a bit full of myself and didn’t pay attention ~ arggh!

In all fairness though, this is the first time I have worked with cotton “voile” and had some difficulties working with it.  I had seen this voile referred to as “butter soft”, ha ha, no joking, it was slippery like butter in my hands.  Cutting it out was a breeze, but manipulating the buttery fabric to make the gathers was a tad tricky.  Distinguishing the right side of the fabric from the wrong side of the fabric was difficult at times, and I actually sewed the ties to the wrong side of the “skirt” (this top could also be made into a dress) and had to rip and start over.  You really MUST pay close attention when working with this fabric.

When finishing the seams on this top, I so wish I had had a serger!  Because voile is such a sheer light weight fabric, I ordered the Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP “Fine” thread (here) in white, and it worked superbly!   Fabulous thread, but I had problems with the tension on my Viking sewing machine when trying to finish my seams with a zigzag stitch.  After some fooling with it (and lots of seam ripping) I was able to get it just right.  It really is time to get it into the shop for a tune up!  I managed to get a clean enough zigzag on all of the seams, with the exception of the sides of the “skirt”, and after ripping them out a couple of times because the tension was too tight, decided to just use my pinking sheers and see what happened after washing.  I’ve washed it twice since, and there has been no signs of unraveling on any of my pinking cuts (I typically cut the excess fabric after zigzagging with pinking sheers).  Next time I will skip the zigzag stitch and just pinking sheer the edges.

As for the sizing, the instructions for the top suggest making the size according to hip size over pants.  Because of the adjustable ties on the back, I went with the size for the bust measurement (I have small hips) and the fit is fantastic.  I was debating between two sizes, ended up going with the smaller one, and am quite pleased with my choice (sorry Molly, no top for you this time!)

Even with all the difficulties I encountered working with this voile, I am so happy that I used it!  When you wear it, it does feel buttery soft next to the skin, is so feminine, and has such a nice drape!  I think the quilting cottons are a bit stiff and don’t flatter the figure the way this voile does.  I will definitely be ordering some more of these “Little Folks” voiles to make up a few more of these tunics!

Happy sewing,



Smitten March 29, 2010

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conor quilt closeup, originally uploaded by Peg at Ivy Arts.

I am completely smitten with this quilt and these Laurie Wisbrun’s “Wellie” fabrics! The fabrics are Donkeys in Wellie Rain Boots and Wellie Rain Boots and are available in Laurie’s Etsy shop “Scarlet Fig” here.

You really NEED to stop by her blog and see her upcoming line “Tufted Tweets” for Robert Kaufman here.  I am going to start hoarding money to buy a yard of each print/color…hopefully it will be available in May!

I have joined several “Virtual Quilting Bees” and admit I MUST have these Scarlet Fig fabrics to use for them! Basically a Virtual Bee is where a group (usually 12) get together and make a block (or more depending on the Bee) to send to the person whose month it is. Some Bees you supply and mail the fabrics to the other members and in others you use your own stash. If you would like to learn more about Virtual Bees or you’d like to join one (or several!) yourself…check out the Quilting Bee Blocks flickr group here. Bees looking for members to join or members looking to join a Bee leave posts to which you then can respond.

PS- Mostly Marvelous Ms. Rabbit it sewn and stuffed and just needs to be embroidered and put together…will finish and post pics soon!

Happy sewing,


Tedious Work March 20, 2010

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I don’t know about you…but my least favorite part of sewing is the cutting of the pattern and the fabric.

But, it cannot be avoided…

So I must come up with a way to make it more fun…

And when it’s finished, I sigh with relief, and DO THE HAPPY DANCE!!!

With this gorgeous weather we are having, I simply cannot allow myself to stay inside and sew.  Can’t promise to finish R.’s Little Prairie Girl top (a present for her 9th birthday!) this weekend, but with the expected cold front moving in next week it will definitely be done soon.

Happy first day of Spring!



Prairie Girls! March 18, 2010

My next sewing project is going to be Mother and Daughter “Prairie Girl” tops!

Unlike the Amy Butler mother/daughter patterns you have to buy the patterns separately…but they do include a pattern for a dress, top, and slip or dickie.  Both of these Favorite Things patterns are available online here at the Sewing Garden.

Loving this Anna Maria Horner “Little Folks Baby Bouquet Sweet” cotton voile (available here at Pink Chalk Fabric) for my Prairie Girl top! This is a super soft sheer cotton that screams summertime.  Can’t wait to try sewing with it.

R. picked out this “Park Slope Pebbles Turquoise” quilting weight cotton by Erin McMorris from Alewives Fabrics (here).

I’ve never tried a “Favorite Things” pattern and look forward to whipping up her Little Prairie Girl top this weekend.  Of course I will post a pattern review and lots of pics.

I’ll be enjoying this glorious Spring sunshine we’ve been blessed with by taking a really long bike ride with R. today!  R. says, “It is definitely Spring because I even saw some Robins and Blue Jays eating worms this morning!”  Ha,ha love that girl of mine!

Happy sewing,




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